Sly as a fox

Published August 24th, 2018 by Ccwestside

“Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes.”
Song of Solomon 2:15 KJV

What little foxes are creeping into your life today?
Could be something innocent enough, but keep your guard up because those “little” foxes can become destructive. Those “little” foxes ruin households.
What are the little foxes you ask? Things we think, things we say, and things we do that we know are not of the Spirit.

Gossip, jealousy, anger

A little text seeming friendly, but deep down there’s more motive.

A shirt a tad lower than your norm

An Instagram message your husband won’t see

A pill to numb your feelings

A hug or touch or glance

The list goes on.

That flowering garden in the scripture above needs high fences. Our gardens need protection. Whatever is inside your garden that you treasure most- children, spouse, mother, father, ministry, friends, etc... can get spoiled by those foxes if we leave our gate a crack open, or forget to water and tend to those gardens with all our might.

It’s not worth it. A thousand times over again, it will never ever be worth it. Flee from those little foxes today. Delete the instagram, cut off the opposite sex friendship, whatever you know is not good for your garden- pluck it!

Pray and be in the Word daily, God is faithful to convict us when we are seeking Him.

Allow others to speak truth to your life as well.

I had a friend who lost it all recently, complete devastation. And it all started with slowly walking away from the Lord and friendship on Instagram.
If someone is gently warning you, be humble enough to hear it!

No foxes allowed,
our garden is Holy ground,
Jesus reigns!

Lord refresh and awaken us each day to tend to these gardens and bring honor to your name.

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