Our Services

Our Services

How Should I Dress For Church?

We are more concerned about you meeting with God and being built-up in the faith than with what you wear. Although some of the Pastors wear dress shirts and ties on Sunday mornings, most of the congregation dresses casual--slacks, jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, sandals, etc.

What's Available For My Children?

We believe that God wants our little ones to come to Him, therefore, we provide a Children's Ministry broken down according to age and grade level. Because of this, the children are taught on a level that they will best understand the Word of God. Age-appropriate classes are provided for infants through Junior High School, taught by teachers who love Jesus and want to show that love to our children. The safety of our children is also of our utmost concern. We have a sign-in procedure which keeps your children safe while you are attending the adult service in the Sanctuary.  For more information, go to children's ministry.

If you are a nursing mother, there is an area in the Nursery for moms, which enables you to watch the service from a closed-circuit TV.

What Should I Expect During A Church Service?

Service begins with a greeting and a few announcements. We then have a time of worship. Our worship is a mixture of hymns and contemporary praise music. Worship is important because it softens our heart to hear from God's Word, and directs our thoughts from self unto the Lord. Our Pastor then follows with a specific message from the portion of scripture where we left off previously. Pastor Dave teaches straight from the Bible, line upon line, verse upon verse so that we don't miss anything that the Lord would want to teach us. The first Sunday of every month we have a communion service in remembrance of what Jesus did for us on the Cross. You can sample Pastor Dave's teaching at our "online teachings" link.

How Can I Get To Know People?

We encourage you to come to our various events and meetings throughout the week in order to get to know our fellowship and to form friendships. Another great way of getting to know people in our church is through the Engedi Cafe. Before and after every service, our church coffee shop is open! We serve various snacks, sodas and coffee drinks. There is ample seating so come in, sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. We also have a bookstore adjacent to the cafe full of Bibles and Christian reading material.


Sunday Morning - 8, 9:30 & 11:30AM (childcare provided)
Wednesday Evening Refuel Study - 7:00PM (childcare provided)
Friday Night High School Group - 7:00PM (grades 7th-12th)
Friday Night College & Career Fellowship - 8:00PM (18 & up)

We’d love for you to join us! Our service times are:

Sunday Mornings

8:00, 9:30 & 11:30 AM

(Childcare Provided)

Wednesday Midweek Bible Study

7:00 PM

(Childcare Provided)