Lost and Found Radio

Lost and Found Radio

The "Lost and Found" radio program is a teaching ministry of Calvary Chapel Westside.

Pastor Dave is broadcast daily at 11:30AM, Monday through Friday on 99.7FM, "The Word". You can find our daily broadcasts here.

Due to the limited amount of time we have on air, the teachings are broken up into multiple parts. If you would like to listen, watch, or download this teaching in it's entirety, please visit the teachings section of our website.  When looking up the full teaching, please note the book of the Bible and reference number. 

We hope that this ministry is a blessing to you and to all who listen. It is our privilege to proclaim the name of Jesus over the air waves. Thank you for all your prayers and support.

"For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost" Luke 19:10.

Date Aired Teaching # Scripture Audio Stream Download
01-21-2022 SM436 Revelation 7:1-8_C
01-20-2022 SM436 Revelation 7.1-8_B
01-19-2022 SM436 Revelation 7:1-8_A
01-18-2022 SM435 1-18-22_SM435_Revelation 6.3-17_C
01-17-2022 SM435 1-17-22_SM435_Revelation 6.3-17_B
01-14-2022 SM435 Revelation 6:3-17_A
01-13-2022 SM434 Revelation 6:1-8_B
01-12-2022 SM434 Revelation 6:1-8_A
01-11-2022 SM433 Revelation 5:11-14_B
01-10-2022 SM433 Revelation 5:11-14_A
11-19-2021 SM420 Revelation 1:9-20_A
11-18-2021 SM419 Revelation 1:4-8_B
11-17-2021 SM419 Revelation 1:4-8_A
11-16-2021 SM418 Revelation 1:1-3_C
11-15-2021 SM418 Revelation 1:1-3_B

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