Sacrifice Your Mood!

Published April 19th, 2019 by Ccwestside

The other day I was just “having a day” which isn’t my typical personality, I’m usually pretty mild and non-hormonal... But this day, was a doozie. My perspective was totally wrong, I was dwelling on silly offenses, annoyed by social media posts, edgy and allowing my mood to be impatient with my kids (who were all not getting along to add to my crazy). Quite honestly, just wanted the day to be over!

I was at the sink praying for a better attitude and forgiveness, (because for some reason washing dishes and showering is when I have my best quite time) when I got a text from my mom offering to watch the kids so I could go get a pedicure. In that moment, I felt like she had cameras in my house because it was such a moment of needing to feel encouraged. I hesitated, changed out of my pjs, and accepted her offer!
*Side note, don’t ignore those little promptings from the Holy Spirit, you never know how a text or coffee or smile can be exactly what someone else needed!

After I got to the nail salon and sat down, I watched this woman happily scrub, clip, wash, moisturize, message and paint my toes. She took precious, careful attention to every detail, never rushing, never even seeming annoyed at all. She would check in with me asking how I liked it, and just smile. I felt so humbled. I couldn’t help but think of Jesus, how he washed the feet of sinners, how he went to the cross and sacrificed his life, perfectly blameless...for me. He died for my poor attitudes, for my jealousy and harsh words, he daily forgives me and cleanses me and I’m faultless in His sight even when I continually fall short. He doesn’t say forget it, I’ve had enough of you, He smiles and waits for me, He is patient and long suffering, He never makes me feel unworthy of His love. The way the Lord stepped in and blessed me during such a rotten day alone just amazes me.

When someone wrongs me, when I feel forgotten or just “not in the mood” I want my heart and eyes to be just like Jesus.
If it means washing someone’s feet, if it means being silent on a matter, if it means being tired and spent, if it means giving a gift to someone who doesn’t deserve it, it’s ok. God knows, He cares and He restores my weary soul. He ordained that day for me, to learn from my mistakes and be humbled at other people’s generosity and love even when I’m unlovely.

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