DIY : Tassel And Wood Bead Garland

Published December 7th, 2018 by Ccwestside

We thought we would change it up a little bit and give you a fun Christmas DIY to try!

What you'll need...

Wood beads (available at most craft stores)
Thick string
Tassels! There are ways to make your own, or you can cheat like me and buy 'em all pretty and ready to go.
Spray paint in a color that compliments your tassel selection.

I won't even spell out the steps for you because I think this one is a no-brainer of a DIY. All you need to do once you have all the supplies is spray paint a few beads in the colors you want (we probably did about 6 of each) and start stringing!

I didn't really count the spacing too much - I wanted to have it feel somewhat organic, so I did a bunch of the plain wood beads at each end, but in between just went with whatever spacing I wanted for mixing in the tassels and painted beads, alternating colors as we went.

Pro tip: use tightly wrapped tape around the tip of the string to guide it through the wood bead holes a bit easier.

DIY idea found on COCO Kelly - -

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